Tenting sites

Rates based on 2 people and 1 vehicle 

Children under 7 are free 

Pets are welcome but must be on leash at all times.

You are responsible for any damage or

situations caused by your pet.

Extra person: $5.00 PR night 

Extra vehicle: $10.00

Boat/Trailer: $5.00 per night 

Dry Sites:

      $25.00 night    $150.00 week 

Additional costs

Firewood: $ 10.00 bin size with paper 

Coin showers: $1.00 5min

Coin laundry:

Washers $2.00 per load, Dryers $2.00 35min

Boat/Dock fee $5.00 pr day

Our docks hold boats up to 16 feet.

If you are larger you will be asked to bring it in and out,

with no Boat/Dock fee needed.

    Please contact us to

 book your stay.


E-mail: CottonwoodBayResort@hotmail.com