COVID 19 Updates



Latest Up - Dates:

April 23,2021


April 20, 2021

B.C. residents will not be able to book accommodations or a camping site outside of their local health authority.

The formal order for the restrictions will be put in place later this week, and they are in effect until Monday, May 24, the end of the May long weekend.

Cottonwood Bay Resort will be following all the guidelines to ensure your safety and others at this time. "Please note" You must reside in the Interior Health Region (Thompson, Cariboo and Shuswap area) to stay at the resort in May 2021. See picture at the bottom to know your Health Region.

We will be asking all visitors to wear a mask at all times outside their site. 

We are limiting the amount of people to, 2 people in (office, washrooms and laundry room) at a time.

Wash your hands often and please keep in mind of each other in these crazy times.